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Current Canadian Approaches
Current Canadian Approaches
How should Canadian cities deal with Uber?
Current Canadian Approaches

Right now Canadian cities have taken different approaches to regulating Uber. Some of these approaches include:

•THE EDMONTON APPROACH• The City of Edmonton recently passed a bylaw that will allow Uber to operate in the city. Under this bylaw, Uber drivers will be required, among other things, to pay licensing fees and have their vehicles inspected annually by a licensed mechanic.
•THE CALGARY APPROACH• The City of Calgary has passed a bylaw which places regulations on Uber drivers that go further than the rules set by the City of Edmonton. This has resulted in an announcement by Uber that it will not operate in Calgary under its requirements.
•THE VANCOUVER APPROACH• The City of Vancouver has rejected a proposal to include ride-sharing services like Uber in its taxi bylaws. Therefore Uber will not operate in the City alongside traditional taxi services.

Which of these three outcomes are closest to what you want to see in your community? Please vote for the outcome that you prefer and use the comment section to explain your position.

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