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Toronto Regulation Ideas
Toronto Regulation Ideas
What would you change about Toronto’s new taxi and Uber regulations?
Toronto Regulation Ideas

On May 3, Toronto City Council voted 27-15 in favour of new regulations that will legalize UberX. Highlights of these new regulatory changes include:

-Allowing Taxis to adopt “surge-pricing” when rides are booked through a smartphone app
-Maintaining the requirement that taxis have cameras, but not private transport companies (PTCs) like Uber
-Undoing 2014 reforms that would have phased out the ownership of “standard” plates as a commodity

A brief overview of the new regulations can be found at the following link:

If you could changes any aspects of these regulations, what would you change and why? Please use the text box below to submit your ideas.

More Info:
Toronto legalizes UberX in marathon meeting via thestar.com

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